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What we did

Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Visual Identity, Production, Naming



Homes in the sky for the modern city dweller

In the challenging and highly competitive real estate arena, compounded by currency and regulatory complexities that posed hurdles for both local and foreign investors, our mission centered around crafting a robust brand platform and identity for an iconic project named “UNO.”

This groundbreaking fifty-seven-floor condominium building and hotel, developed by Setia SB and valued at $465 million, demanded a strategic and compelling brand presence to navigate the intricacies of the Melbourne property market. Our task included developing a distinctive visual language and supporting collaterals to effectively market UNO, offering a transformative investment opportunity in the heart of central Melbourne.

Overcoming obstacles, our strategic approach ensures that UNO stands out amidst the complexities of the real estate landscape, providing a unique and appealing proposition for investors.

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May Doyle for UNO Melbourne
Uno Melbourne Marcom Gallery Design
May Doyle for UNO Melbourne
Max Doyle for UNO Melbourne