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Brand Strategy, Brand Design, Visual Identity, Interior Design

Transformative Living

ADELAHAYE, in a groundbreaking collaboration with Asiana Group Property and Indonesian entrepreneur and actor Raffi Ahmad, pioneered the creation of a Gen Z-focused lifestyle and property brand.

With a keen understanding of the preferences and aspirations of the younger demographic, ADELAHAYE strategically infused modernity, innovation, and vibrant energy into every aspect of the brand.

Leveraging Asiana Group Property’s expertise and Raffi Ahmad’s influence, the collaboration seamlessly blended contemporary design, digital engagement, and cultural resonance.

The result is a unique brand that not only resonates with the dynamic lifestyle of Gen Z but also reflects the cultural richness and entrepreneurial spirit embodied by Raffi Ahmad. This innovative venture aims to redefine the property landscape, offering a lifestyle that goes beyond traditional boundaries, catering specifically to the emerging desires of the Gen Z market.

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