Our new branding for pet vitamins start-up Miara; Healthy Pets, Happy Pets!


Miara Branding

ADELAHAYE ingeniously crafted a vibrant new brand for MIARA, a burgeoning start-up dedicated to providing high-quality pet care and vitamins.

Miara Branding by ADELAHAYE

By deeply understanding the pet care market and MIARA’s mission, ADELAHAYE developed a brand identity that resonates with modern pet owners. We employed a playful yet sophisticated color palette and created an engaging logo that conveys both care and vitality.

Miara Branding by ADELAHAYE

Additionally, ADELAHAYE’s strategic marketing approach included a robust digital presence and visually appealing packaging design that emphasizes MIARA’s commitment to premium, health-focused products.

Miara Branding by ADELAHAYE

Through our expertise, ADELAHAYE successfully positioned MIARA as a trusted and innovative name in the pet care industry, appealing to a discerning clientele looking for the best for their pets.

Miara Branding by ADELAHAYE

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