Tokyuland Indonesia unveils new brand in Jakarta



ADELAHAYE Strategic Branding has teamed up with Tokyuland Indonesia to develop a unique luxury residential estate and a new lifestyle-centric micro mall concept in Kuningan Jakarta. The project will offer a new and innovative retail experience that combines luxury living with modern convenience.

The residential estate will be home to the luxury Japanese “BRANZ” apartments, which will offer residents a stylish and comfortable living experience. The apartments will feature high-end amenities and services, including a swimming pool, fitness center, and 24-hour security, as well as landscaped gardens and green spaces.

The new lifestyle-centric micro mall will be located beneath the BRANZ apartments and will offer a semi-alfresco shopping and dining experience to residents and guests from the local area. The mall will be designed to cater to the needs of modern consumers who are looking for convenience, luxury, and unique experiences all in one place.

ADELAHAYE Strategic Branding is working closely with Tokyuland Indonesia to develop a robust branding strategy for the new micro mall concept. The agency is focused on creating a strong and memorable brand identity that reflects the high-end lifestyle and luxury living offered by the BRANZ apartments.

The micro mall concept will feature a range of retail and dining options that will cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. From high-end fashion brands to specialty coffee shops and restaurants, the micro mall will offer a curated selection of experiences designed to enhance the lives of residents and guests.

One of the unique features of the micro mall will be its semi-alfresco design, which will create an immersive and inviting atmosphere for shoppers and diners. The space will be designed to blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces, creating a comfortable and stylish environment that encourages relaxation and socialization.

The partnership between ADELAHAYE Strategic Branding and Tokyuland Indonesia represents a new direction for both companies, as they seek to create a unique and memorable destination that combines luxury living with modern convenience. By leveraging their respective expertise, the companies are poised to deliver a project that will redefine luxury living and retail experiences in Jakarta.